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  • LED Lightbulb Summer Sale

    Get 15% Off while stocks last

    * Longest Life and Brightest LEDs on the market
    * 20 year life span
    * Use 85% Less energy
    * See featured products below
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  • Get 40% Off On Selected Products

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  • Solent Ceiling Fans

    A ceiling fan creates a sense of quiet enjoyment and ease, making your life a lot more comfortable It's not just cooling you desire but a style that reflects you!
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  • LED Candles & Lanterns

    Modern Everlasting Glow Flamesless LED candles and Lanterns which are battery operated and easy to use.
  • Summer Special 25% Off

    * Light fixtures constructed out of recycled cardboard
    * Newsweek's most innovative green design...
    * Reddot Design Award Winner
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    New from Eurolux

    New Collection of Pendants from Eurolux
  • David Trubridge Design is an internationally renowned company that designs and manufactures lighting and furniture based New Zealand.
    The designs are contemporary and have a strong connection to nature. Many of the designs are packed flat and kitset for easy and low energy shipping.
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  • Ukhamba Fan Lamp Design

    The material and process has been the primary inspiration, along with the desire to make a light which is brilliantly functional in it’s form.
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  • Pablo

    LIM is a revolutionary, ultra-slim LED task light that is as fun to use as it is functional. The base integrates a USB port for charging mobile devices.

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  • Load Shedding Lighting Solutions

    * LED Emergency Lamp
    * Last up to 4 hours on battery power
    * Lamp can be used from the main or the built in battery
    Hurry up while stock last !!!
  • New from Radiant

    Introducing the Rae Pendant from Radiant.
  • No hands. No digits.

    QLOCKTWO makes you stop and look at time in a different way. The typographical display combines the moment with the written word and turns it into a statement.
  • Antique Bulbs from Eurolux

    New Collection of Antique Bulbs from Eurolux. Click here to view them.
  • The first Anglepoise Lamp was designed in 1932 by British designer George Carwardine. Anglepoise Lamps today remain true to Carwardine’s original design whilst incorporating modern features such as energy saving bulbs.
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  • Load Shedding Lighting Solutions

    * LED emergency lights
    * Last up to 32 hours on battery power
    * Rechargable battery and portable
    Hurry up while stock last !!!