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Major Tech Veti MSW760-24DC5R Double Dedicated Red Socket With DP Switch

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Double Dedicated Red Socket With DP Switch
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Quick Overview Double Dedicated Red Socket With DP Switch
Additional Info Double Dedicated Red Socket With DP Switch 100mm x 100mm Red Major Techs wide range of complete sockets allows for exciting combinations with minimal wiring. These complete products have been designed and supplied in order to facilitate the installation.
The 100mm x 100mm (4×4) monoblock red dedicated socket outlet has been tested and approved to the required standard of IEC60884-1 & IEC60884-2-3 in conjunction with SANS164-0 & SANS164-4. The socket outlet has also been issued with an LOA (Letter of Authority) from the NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications) allowing for the sale of the product in South Africa.
The socket outlet is rated at 16A, 250V and is thus able to handle any load drawing a maximum of up to 16A. The contacts are made from high quality copper to ensure the safest connection by improving conductivity and therefore reducing heat which is caused due to a higher resistance from other accepted materials such as brass. The socket outlet includes a horizontal split earth in order to prevent people from plugging in standard equipment which requires to be under earth leakage into the same socket outlet.
The socket is made from a mix of high quality plastics including flame retardant polycarbonate for an attractive finish and durable finish and the back is made from flame retardant polypropylene to ensure strength and slightly more flexibility to assist if wall boxes are not in straight.
Family Type Socket
Original SKUs MSW760-24DC5R
Dimension 100mm x 100mm
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